A Unique View Of A Lion Grabbing Lunch

It's like riding on a lion's back

This is probably the closest we'll ever get to riding a lion while it stalks its prey.

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, also known as "The Lion Whisperer," strapped a GoPro camera to the back of a lionness and captured her vantage point while hunting a young buck.

The lionness, named Meg, creeps up on her prey and attacks quickly, killing the buck in a matter of seconds. (Don't worry, it's not gruesome.)

While sad for the poor buck, Meg brings down her kill skillfully, causing minimal pain and trauma.

As Richardson says at the end of the video: "Obviously, my heart goes to the poor little animal that lost its life, but it is nature. It's fair chance, fair escape. And kudos to Meg for stalking and chasing and bringing this little guy down."

What an amazing video that provides a unique perspective on how lions hunt, shown from the animal's very own point of view.

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(H/T: Tech Times)


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