This Weightlifter Was Born With No Arms Or Legs, But She's About To Dominate The CrossFit World

"I just don't see myself as disabled."

Lindsay Hilton might've been born without arms or legs, but that doesn't stop her from pursuing an athletic career in CrossFit and rugby.

The 31-year-old from Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada, has always had a sporty side. She started out swimming, and playing soccer and field hockey before discovering the two activities that now take up her time when she's not coaching high school rugby in the spring and summer. 


But now, her passion for those two activities gives her the ability to play a competitive sport and lift 100 pounds thanks to a custom design of hardware store chains, Velcro, and straps.

This week, Hilton is participating in Wodapalooza, an international CrossFit competition in Miami. In order to qualify for the top five Adaptive Seated RX division — a division where people like Hilton can compete with the best of the best in CrossFit — she had to get through four workouts a week and juggle all of her other responsibilities.

"I don't want to be 'good for someone without arms and legs,' " she said to ESPNW"I want to be good."

Hilton's CrossFit coach Jenny Jeffrey always sees her motivation as she helps her with some adaptations that help her complete workouts.  

"Nothing gets in her way, and she remains so positive," she said. "[She] needs to be challenged, as much, if not more than, anyone else in the gym."

Jeffrey also talked to ESPNW about how Hilton's ambition to go above and beyond as an athlete is "inspiring and cathartic" as she struggled with her mother's disabilities after a car accident. 

"It's been an important relationship for me," she said. "How could it not, seeing Lindsay doing what she's been doing her whole life?"

Hilton's positivity continues to shine through as she gets older, and more comfortable with herself and even her prosthetics.

"For most of my life, I searched for ways to make my fake legs look 'real,' " she said. "I tried all sorts of different covers and discovered that in the end, my legs are fake and they will always look fake, so why not make them look cool?"

And when it comes to what struggles with the most in participating in two different sports, they're far from physical issues.

"I just don't see myself as disabled," she said.

You can read the rest of Hilton's interview with ESPNW here.



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