Watch Actors Read The Embarrassing Things People Actually Wrote On Their LinkedIn Profiles

"My approach is human because people are human."

You'll want to look your absolute best on LinkedIn, considering your future employers might be checking your profile. 

But lots of sentences that may seem impressive on paper, verge on the ridiculous when read aloud. To prove it, freelance filmmakers Joseph & Joseph went through millions of LinkedIn profile summaries and found real quotations that sound kind of absurd. Then, they enlisted a few actors to dramatically read the statements in a series of videos. 

After seeing the footage, you'll never hit "save" on your LinkedIn profile again without reading it out loud to yourself first. 


Here are some of the choice quotations they used:

"There’s only one boss, and his name is Mr. Customer."

"I invented the two hour lunch break."

"I’m simultaneously soft and hard."

"I don’t call meetings ‘meetings.’ They’re ‘doings.’"

"My approach is human because people are human."

"I don’t believe in boundaries."

You can check out the whole video below:


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