'100 Years Of Lingerie' Might Be Sultry, But There's Nothing As Kick*ss As 2015

Nailed it.

"100 years of"-type videos have been taking over YouTube for quite a while now and we have surely seen some pretty great ones.

But this one might just beat all the rest because of the unexpected twist at the end. It nails what 2015 is all about and makes us even more excited about the future.


Starting off with 1915.

1935 just got really seductive.

Everything about 1955 was a full-on flirt.

Burning bras in 1965. Obvi.

But the real bang is yet to come ...

Sure, 1995 was pretty sultry ...

... but it's today that is the most kick*ss.

And this is the exact reason why.

Get it, babes.

Watch the entire video. 

The ending could hardly get more perfect.

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