This Little Girl Is Making Headlines For Bringing A Mirror To The Standing Rock Protests And Holding It High

"Her strength gave all of us strength to continue on against Goliath."

As people used social media to show their support for the protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, one activist in North Dakota is shedding light on the situation with a viral Facebook post.

Lindsey Norton joined the nearby Oceti Sakowin Camp over the summer. As protests increased in recent weeks, so did alleged acts of police violence. A young girl who witnessed the police response to her relatives at Standing Rock held up a mirror in protest on Wednesday. According to Norton, the young girl's name is Sam.

While standing in a safe area across the river from the police, Sam called out to them while holding up the mirror.

"You listen to us," Sam shouted to the police, according to a video from Norton. "Look at yourself in the mirror."


Norton also snapped a photo of Sam's courageous protest.

"She used her strong little voice and called out 'look at yourselves, you won't even talk to us, you should be ashamed," Norton told the Huffington Post. "I took the image because of her voice ringing out and her strength gave all of us strength to continue on against Goliath."

As of Tuesday, Norton's photo of Sam on Facebook has received over 9,000 shares.

The residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation will likely keep protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which could contaminate the local water supply if constructed.

A Plus reached out to Norton for a comment.


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