Lindsay Lohan Makes Fetch Happen By Reciting Her Favorite 'Mean Girls' Quotes

Can you guess No. 1?

It's hard to believe it's been almost 14 years since Mean Girls first hit theaters, especially since we're still quoting our favorite lines like it just came out yesterday. As it turns out, even Cady Heron herself, actress Lindsay Lohan, has a list of go-to quotes from the movie.

Lohan appears in a new video for W magazine, in which she recites her eight favorite lines from the iconic comedy. She starts off with one from Cady herself ("The limit does not exist") and then moves on to zingers from Regina, Janis, and even a couple of minor characters. All the while, she can't help but crack up.


And don't worry, "Stop trying to make fetch happen" made it onto the list — although we think Lohan might have officially made it happen with this video. After all, what could be more fetch than the star of our favorite early-2000s movie reenacting its most classic moments?

It's not the first time Lohan has shown her enduring appreciation for Tina Fey's dialogue. In 2016, she posted several Dubsmash videos on her Instagram, in which she lip-synched to lines from Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. As Bustle points out, Lohan has even expressed interest in making a Mean Girls sequel. Until that happens, we'll focus on the musical headed to Broadway this year.

Find out Lohan's favorite line of all in the video below:


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