The Heartfelt Way Lin-Manuel Miranda Said Farewell To His Role As Hamilton

His final performance is approaching.

Although it may seem hard to imagine, this Saturday will mark Lin-Manuel Miranda's final performance as Alexander Hamilton. He's passing the torch to Javier Muñoz, who is currently Miranda's alternate.

Before saying goodbye to his iconic role, Miranda made an appearance on Wednesday at his final Ham4Ham lottery, a weekly opportunity for Hamilton fans to win tickets to the show. We know the Tony winner has a way with words, but this time, to say farewell, he let Hamilton himself do the talking.

Miranda read from a real letter Alexander Hamilton wrote his soon-to-be wife Eliza in 1780. 

As he explained before cracking open the book, "I'm reading it to you because it kind of captures everything I love about Hamilton. He's kind of arrogant, he's kind of insecure, he's unbelievably romantic."

Miranda peppered the reading with funny comments of his own. After Hamilton's reference to "an absolute necessity of implicit obedience," he remarked, "Shades of Fifty Shades of Grey from Alexander Hamilton."

In the letter, Hamilton asks Eliza if she is prepared to be "a poor man's wife." Miranda brought his poignant words to life with the same passion that has made his performance in the musical so beloved.


Watch Miranda read Hamilton's letter in the video below:

(H/T: Variety)


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