Lin-Manuel Miranda Showed James Corden An Old Dancing Video, Then Proved He Still Has The Moves

There's a great cameo from his grandma.

On a recent visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden, Lin-Manuel Miranda proved that he's always been an entertainer. As Corden explained, the Hamilton creator recently had some well-deserved time off, so he went through his old home videos.

Miranda said he digitized hours of VHS tapes from his childhood, recalling that he was "a Spielberg in my own mind." There was one video in particular that he was willing to share with Corden's viewers — and we're so glad he did. He introduced the footage by saying he was in Puerto Rico at the time, and his grandfather filmed him dancing to "Isle Thing" by Weird Al Yankovic.


There's also a great cameo from Miranda's grandmother, who stops the video's production to make him put on "the largest shirt in the history of the world."

Lucky for all of us watching, James Corden made sure to ask Miranda, "Do you still have any of those moves today?" With plenty of encouragement from the audience, he was happy to oblige. His shirt wasn't quite as oversized this time, but we can definitely see some similarities.

Viewers were obviously obsessed with the moment. "I love how confident he is in showing his childhood videos in front of millions of people," one commenter wrote on YouTube.

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda break it down in the video below:


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