Emotional Short Film Shows Us Why It's Important To Make Time For What We Love

Pulling on all our heartstrings.

The filmmakers behind one short video, featuring a girl and her snowman friend, just sent us a big, heartwarming message — right in time for the holidays.

In Lily & The Snowman, by Cineplex Movies, a twinkly-eyed girl named Lily, builds a snowman that magically comes to life. The two spend their snowy days together, watching imaginative shadow movies in the backyard.

When the warm weather rolls around, Lily puts the snowman to rest in a freezer. When it's cold enough, she takes him back out to play.


But as Lily grows older, she becomes distracted by other things in life, forgetting about the snowman. In one scene, Lily works in a dark office, save for the light of her cubicle, until she gets a sign that reminds her of her youth.

Recognizing the love she felt for the snowman in her childhood, Lily grabs her keys, drives home, and opens up the freezer, only to find out what neglect did to her friend.  It's an ending that pulls on all of our heartstrings.

Throughout the entirety of the short, there are no words — just scenes and aesthetics that generate pure emotion. And it's beautiful.

"Make time for what you love," the video reminds us. And after seeing this, we will.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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