This Film Is So Beautiful, It Will Make Your Heart Ache

It's just pure magic.

Madrid-based writer, director, illustrator and animator Carlos Lascano has made one of the most intoxicatingly beautiful short films we've ever featured: "Lila."


"Lila" is a magical piece of filmmaking, blending live-action and animation elements into a fairytale-like film. It feels like the perfect daydream.

It follows the day of Lila, portrayed by Alma Garcia, a young woman whose imaginative and playful drawings take on a surreal life of their own, weaving their charms into the lives of those around them.

Garcia's onscreen charisma is infectious, making you want to follow her every movement and glance.

Backed with a sweeping soundtrack by Sandy Lavallart, the film is a journey into the world as seen by a dreamer.

The poignant ending will leave you with a lump in your throat.

We hope you enjoy "Lila" again and again.

For more from Carlos Lascano, please check out his other films on Vimeo. You can also follow him on Facebook

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