This Single 'Glory' From Lil Wayne Will Make You Stop What You're Doing And Turn Up Your Headphones!

Mr. Carter's home!

Lil Wayne, a.k.a. Tunechi a.k.a. Weezy a.k.a. Mr. Don't Forget The F is back with a new single!


Tune completely surprised all of us and announced the new single out of nowhere on Wednesday afternoon.

At around noon, Wayne took to his Twitter account with 23 million followers to make the official announcement.

Simply put, The King is back with new music and we need to turn off our brains and turn up the headphones!

The single features a classic Lil Wayne Soul sample with a chest thumpin' kick drum. The perfect set-up for bars on top of bars on top of more bars.

Wayne kicks off the soon-to-be lyrical massacre by saying "This that sh*t they didn't want me on ... I'm about to act a badonka-donk..."

Needless to say, Wayne just completely unloaded on the smooth beat, reminiscent of his classic staples like "Tha Mobb", "3 Peat", "A Milli" and "6'7''".

No need for a hook on this one, as Wayne says "No ad libs, no chorus." Simply put, this is all about lyrical greatness and the lyrical monster Wayne has proven to be since day one on the scene.

His producers were also having fun relishing in the greatness. Infamous posted this on his Instagram.

Avenue could only thank God for the opportunity.

While Onhel was also enjoying the joyous moment, dropping multiple hashtags.

"#GLORY #Produced by #Me and my homies @avenue_beatz and@producedbyinfamous!!! #Producer#LilWayne #FWA #Music. #YaDig"

Basically, "The Best Rapper" alive is back. Take notice. #FWA.

Sign up for a free trial with Tidal to stream 'Glory' here.


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