Lil Mama's 'Sausage' Video Shows Us Her Amazing Dance Skills. Watch It Here.

The "Lip Gloss" singer is back with a new single.

We can't believe it's been six years since Lil Mama released her debut single, "Lip Gloss." The hit — about the magical power of lip gloss to transform any woman into the queen bee of her high school — made it all the way to the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts. We suspect Lil Mama's new single, "Sausage," will be just as successful, if not more so. The accompanying music video is a visual experience not to be missed. The rapper shows off her ability to rock a wide range of musical styles and various fashion trends — everything from harem pants to an abstract cat outfit. Yes, she dresses like a cat. We told you this was a visual experience.

The lyrics are just as captivating. On its surface, the song (or at least its chorus) seems to be an ode to breakfast. We imagine the chant "Eggs, bacon, grits" will be inescapable this summer. The rest of "Sausage" is devoted to making sure everybody knows just how awesome Lil Mama is. And she's pretty awesome. Her dancing is fast, technically perfect, and a thrill to behold, especially the "Martix"-style leap she pulls off early in the video. The adorable kids showing off their own impressive moves is the perfect throwback to Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" video.


You can watch the entire "Sausage" music video here:

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