You'll Flip When You See This Extreme Breakdancing Video

Light it up.

Some people like to spend their nights beers in hand, relaxing in the company of their friends. Some people like to light it up. 

German breakdancers Lil Amok  and Bboy Snoop definitely fall into the latter category. As seen in the video above, the pair apparently strapped fireworks to their sneakers to welcome the new year. They danced to Drake's "Trophies," with sparks shooting off their twisting bodies in all directions.

If the daredevil duo was any less talented, the stunt would be have been a sure way to spend their first few weeks of 2015 in a hospital. But instead, it just made for one epically daring visual. Just, wow. 

What a badass start to the year.

Watch their performance above, and check out some more snaps of the night and the crew from Lil Amok's Instagram below.


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