This Is What Happens When A Guy Quits Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month Straight

Someone's a bit cranky.

The Dutch pranksters behind Lifehunterstv are back with another social experiment. This time they put one guy through the test of eating healthy for an entire month. It's not THAT hard, you might think. Well... think again.

"Sacha Harland attempts to give up sugar, alcohol, artificial additives and unhealthy food for one month," their YouTube channel explains.

Yep. No candy, no beer, no pizza. 

Scroll down to see how swapping to healthy food affected both Harland's physical and metal conditions.


Day 4.

Day 8.

Day 13.

The show must go on. Even when your mates are ordering pizza you can't have.

Watch the entire video below to see the final results.


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