Extraordinary Glimpse At What Our Daily Lives Look Like Through A Thermal Camera

Hot n' cold.

Had enough with your daily life? No, you're haven't. You just need a change in perspective and we believe this is one of the best ways to do it.

Take a look at what your normal, everyday chores look like through a thermal camera. Everything from sweating to hair straightening, to making out. Spoiler alert: it looks freaking awesome! 

Warning: video contains sexually explicit material.


The video was created by BuzzFeedBlue using a thermographic camera provided by FLIR. These cameras form an image by collecting the mid-infrared radiation from the object and resolving it into a picture based on the heat signature. 

Or, as BuzzFeed puts it, displays everything in "predator vision."

For an even deeper look under the skin, head to UV Camera Reveals Truth About The Sun's Effect On Your Skin.

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