14 Images To Make You Feel Like Time Is Moving Too Fast

It's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow

In 1964, Walt Disney created an attraction called "The Carousel of Progress" for the 1964-1965 World's Fair.

Unlike most Disney attractions, the Carousel of Progress didn't physically move its visitors. Rather, it pushed itself through the decades of the 1900s as the audience sat stationary in their seats, watching.

Every scene featured automatons (instead of actors) enacting a slice of life from each decade of the 1900's, depicting what life in America was like in each era. The project was a phenomenon because it allowed people to consider how the country's culture and society changes and progresses. With every innovation, we travel light years beyond where we were before.

The show is now watched by hoards of Disney park visitors. In the spirit of progress, and considering the fact that they now account for five more decades, it's probably quite different in the 21st century than it was so many decades ago. 

A few of us here at A Plus stumbled upon a pretty awesome Twitter called ClassicPics (@History_Pics) that posts the most classic, sometimes underrated, accounts of history. 

Browsing through these images got us thinking: what will future generations think when they look back at today's culture? Will the Apple watch seem as cool to our grandkids? Probably not considering the fact that their watches will probably be way sweeter and transport them to other galaxies and stuff. 

We put together a string of images that show how pre-2015 life looked compared to the world we live in now.


1.) Remember Windows 95? At least it was more advanced than Windows 94...

The most recent "coolest innovation:"

2.) This is the guy who was supposed to make you hungry for a burger and fries...

Now he's off having adventures and burgers are probably the last thing on his mind.

3.) Times Square in 1911...

...and today.

4.) Our mothers' heartthrobs...

Our little sisters' heartthrobs.

5.) Superman preaching love and acceptance.

Now we get that same beautiful message... from graffiti.

6.) So romantic.

Does this count as dating?

7.) We can't even imagine this horrific struggle.

Although having a phone in the car comes with other struggles...

One day your descendants will look back at this article and laugh. We think we're so cool. But alas, the world is one big carousel of progress — and, for many reasons, that's the wonderful thing about the world.


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