These Guys Were Asked To Drop Some Serious Wisdom To Their Younger Peers. It's Sad, Comical And Yet... So True.

"Dear 21-year-old ..."

Each of us can think of plenty of things in life that seem so obvious now, but weren't just a couple of years back. Weren't at all. If only someone with more experience would have told us, right?

Well you better get your notebook ready.

In this brilliant farewell video released by WireTap from CBC Radio One, people of all ages give life advice to their "younger counterparts." It might be sound silly at times — especially now that you know better — but sometimes you just need someone to explain to you the basics.

Scroll down to see some true words of wisdom and make sure to check out the entire video.


"Dear 6-year-old, training wheels are for babies."

"Just let go already," an adorable 7-year-old tells her younger counterparts. 

"Dear 7-year-old, no matter what anyone says, stay weird."

"Dear 9-year-old, don't get involved with 'popular' kids ..."

"They're narcissistic capitalists that know nothing about politics. Signed, a 12-year-old." 

"Dear 12-year-old. Ask her to dance."

"Just trust me on this one. Signed, a 16-year-old."

"Dear 16-year-old ..."

"Don't let your mom throw away your Legos."

"Signed, an 18-year-old."

"Dear 21-year-old, if he says he has a weekend home in the suburbs, he's married."

"Dear 30-year-old, being a starving artist only works if you actually make art."

Watch the entire video below to hear the rest of the advice.

Be it from a 6-year-old girl or a 93-year-old man, they are pretty legit.

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