Strangers Looked Each Other In The Eyes. The Result? Unexpectedly Beautiful.

This is so powerful.

A unique social experiment was posted by Perth, Australia, group The Liberators on its YouTube channel earlier this year and we're really pleased to able to share it with you. 

Sometimes it's easy to feel disconnected from people. Even as technology seems to make it easier to stay in touch, it sometimes feels like our interactions with friends and family are a little hollow, a little too casual. More so than that, however, sometimes we simply forget to see other people — really see them — as we go through our days wrapped up in thoughts and anxieties generated by the urgency generated by our omnipresent smartphones. As a result, we can forget that we are social animals and that our need to be seen and acknowledged cannot always be met over a screen. The Liberators' experiment — which is ongoing — takes a look at what can happen when people make a conscious decision to slow down and simply see those around them.


In the experiment, people were asked to stop, sit and intentionally make eye contact with a stranger.

At first, people were hesitant to try it ...

But one by one, some brave souls stepped outside of their comfort zones ...

And found that in just 60 seconds, about the time it took you to read up to here ...

They saw something in strangers that wasn't so "strange" at all.

They saw another person's humanity.

Watch the amazing video here:


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