This Canadian Sandwich Shop's Clever Sign Got Liam Neeson To Pay Them A Visit

"Where's my free sandwich?"

It turns out all you have to do to get Liam Neeson to pay you a visit is offer him free food. At least, that's how it went for a sandwich shop in Vancouver this week. 

After hearing the actor was in town filming a movie, Matt Pruim, the manager of Big Star Sandwich, decided to put a fun message on the chalkboard sign outside the restaurant. On one side it read, "Liam Neeson eats here for free." On the other side, a play on one of Neeson's most famous movies: "Come in and get TAKEN away by our sandwiches."


"We absolutely did not think he'd actually show up," Director of Operations Alex Johrden told The Huffington Post

That's where they were wrong. The sign was apparently put out at 11 a.m. At 6:30 p.m. on the very same day, Neeson actually showed up. And to make the appearance even better, he put on an "intimidating voice," perhaps the same he would use on the phone with kidnappers in a certain movie, to ask them, "Where's my free sandwich?" 

The shop thinks the actor may have heard about the sign from the crew on Hard Powder, the movie he was working on, since they were apparently "in and out" of the shop all day.

Regardless of how he found out, it was a pretty cool gesture, even if he didn't have time to actually eat the free food that was offered. Instead, he posed for a photo next to the sign with employees Kyle "Doug" Gus and Serge Patoka. We love that he even stayed in character for the snap. 

"Holy f**k, it worked!" the restaurant captioned the picture on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Pruim, the manager who made the sign, wasn't there to witness the visit, but the shop hopes the actor will return. If he does, he'll have to try the new sandwich Big Star invented for him. The shop posted a photo of the creation on Instagram.

It's called The Neeson, and it features beef, bacon, hickory sticks, "and spice that'll get revenge on you tomorrow!"

If Big Star continues to keep up with which movie stars are in town at any given time, we might be hearing about even more visits (and even more new sandwiches) in their future.


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