Liam Neeson And Patrick Wilson Respond To The Odd Things Most Searched About Themselves

"What personality type is Liam Neeson?"


We've seen some pretty odd questions being asked during Wired's Autocomplete Interview series, but the latest video is full of them. Liam Neeson and Patrick Wilson, who star in the new film The Commuter, sat down to respond to the most commonly searched questions about themselves — and a lot of them were very confusing. 

Some popular things people throw into Google about Neeson include, "if Liam Neeson was my dad," "if Liam Neeson had bad grammar," "what personality type is Liam Neeson," and "what is Liam Neeson's fighting style?" 

"Old!" he said in response to that last one. 

Common searches for Wilson include several questions about whether or not he's related to other celebrities (he's not), who he is in Harry Potter (he's not in them, so no one), and who he's killed (also, no one). 

We did find out something interesting about Neeson, though. 

"Why did Liam Neeson turn down James Bond?" 

"My wife said she wouldn't marry me if I did James Bond. That the truth," Neeson said. "But they were seeing lots of other actors, too. I wasn't the only one." 

Watch the entire video above. 


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