This Gay Couple Was Reprimanded For Showing Affection, So Hundreds Of LGBTQ Couples Kissed In Support Of Them

"Fighting bigotry with love."

In the year 2016, you would think all people would be free to express their affection towards their partners without ridicule or criticism, but sadly this is not always the case. A gay couple in London experienced this firsthand.

What started as a trip to the supermarket for Thomas Rees, 32, and his boyfriend Joshua Bradwell, 25, took an unexpected turn when a Sainsbury's security guard reportedly reprimanded them for showing affection. According to the BBC, the security guard allegedly took the couple outside after a woman complained they were holding hands and one of the men put his arm around the other's waist.

Instead of letting the awful incident impact them in a negative way, the couple turned it around with the help of the LGBTQ community.


On August 13, People gathered in the store for a kiss-in to support the couple.

Mashable reported that Huck News Editor Michael Segalov helped organize the event. Approximately 200 people attended the kiss-in, and it was filled with dancing, speeches, flag waving, and of course, lots of kissing.

The supermarket was also supportive. A spokesperson for Sainsbury's told the BBC, "It's been a really great event and an important opportunity for the community to show their support." They also provided water and biscuits to the kiss-in participants.

Those who weren't in the store were just as supportive. Social media was filled with message of love:

Rees and Bradwell's experience in the supermarket was awful, but they rose above the negativity. They were able to send an important message about the importance of equality for all while celebrating love.


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