Couple Paints Their House Rainbow To Stand Up To Allegedly Homophobic Neighbors

"I’d like to think this will inspire others to stand up for who they are."

Many couples take pride in their home, but one couple in Penn Hills, Penn. are taking their pride in the LGBTQ community to the next level by painting their home rainbow colors. 


Wives Lisa Licata and Sherry Lau made this bold statement to honor the LGBTQ Pride flag in response to their neighbors, Ron Makay and Iolanda Wieczorkowski, who allegedly taunted them with homophobic slurs and shot their dog with an air rifle just last month. Though the neighbor's attorney denies the latter allegation, court records show that police have charged Makay with animal cruelty.  

Same-sex couple painted their house rainbow in honor of the LGBTQ Pride flag
Courtesy of Lisa Licata

When Licata and Lau first moved into their home five years ago, they told WTAE Pittsburgh. that after hearing a neighbor make a bigoted comment, they kept their relationship a secret and pretended they were mother and daughter. A year later, however, the true nature of their relationship was revealed. Many of their neighbors were supportive or indifferent, but the couple alleges that once Makay and Wieczorkowski found out, their attitudes toward them changed, resulting in the aforementioned hate speech. 

Then, two years ago, Licata and Lau first decided to take a stand by putting up a dividing fence between their two properties and painting it rainbow. According to the couple, the fence upset their neighbors who continued to harass them. 

That prompted the spouses to take an even stronger stand by painting their whole house rainbow. "We've had a lot of compliments from people walking by. I like to think everyone loves it," Lisa Licata told A Plus via Facebook message. "We've had a lot of support from all the other neighbors." 

She hopes their home "will inspire others to stand up for who they are" and that their story will "bring awareness to the community." With a "99 percent positive" reaction on social media, according to Licata, that already seems to be happening. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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