This North Carolina Church Was Vandalized With A Homophobic Message. How They Responded Is So Beautiful.

Love wins.

While there are some who use their faith as an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT community, Wedgewood Church in Charlotte, North Carolina has made a reputation on showing love and acceptance to all. 


Members of the LGBT community aren't just accepted at Wedgewood; they're celebrated.

This position obviously created anger among those who would use their faith as a source of bigotry and discrimination instead of using it as a source of love and compassion. 

Vandals came onto the church's property in the middle of the night and used spray paint to write "Fags are pedos" across the front door of the pro-LGBT sanctuary. They also made lines over the marquee which read, "LGBT EQUALITY."

The members of the church swiftly responded to the vile graffiti, but they went above and beyond what anyone thought they'd do.

Members of the congregation were quick to volunteer their time to remove the graffiti.

But rather than just cleaning off the graffiti, Wedgewood wanted to send the vandals a very clear message. The church's pro-LGBT stance was made perfectly clear by painting their front doors into a giant, welcoming rainbow.

And the congregation? They love the new look.

The vandals have not yet been identified, though the church has added exterior lighting and will be adding security cameras to the building to prevent future vandalism.

Hats off to this amazing church who teach us all what kindness really looks like, and proving that in the end, love always wins.


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