She Twerks In Public Like There's No Tomorrow And People Don't Know How To Handle It

Werk it, girl.

Say hello to Lexy Panterra.


If her face doesn't look familiar, this might ring a bell.

Yep. You got it. Lexy Panterra is an absolute twerking icon and the creator of Twerkout, a twerking workout.

Damn, girl. Those skills.

She recently teamed up with pranksters from Whatever to release a video capturing the reactions of passersby to her twerking in public. Scroll down to see the entire thing. It's quite literally jaw-dropping.

Warming up in front of the police car. Because obvi.

Guys are really loving it.


Having a bit of a trouble concentrating on that chess game, buddy?

We get it. Those skills are mad.

Now what about ladies?

Who wouldn't be staring, really?

Lovin' it big time.

This girl's skills are absolutely nuts. Watch the entire video below.

(H/T: Elite Daily)

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