Lexus Made A Hoverboard And This Time It Is For Real

Finally, it seems hoverboards have arrived.

Over the last couple of years, we've had two instances of hoverboard releases.

One was promoted and executed by Tony Hawk, who later admitted the video was a fake. The second was a Kickstarter campaign that had to reveal, after mounting excitement, their board only worked on a special metallic surface and had a battery that could not last more than a few minutes.

However, it seems that our wait for a legitimate, Back To The Future-esque hoverboard may be coming to an end. In a stunning teaser released to YouTube, the premium car brand Lexus has seemingly unveiled what may be the first ever genuine, stuff-of-childhood-dreams hoverboard. 

According to their website, the board uses "magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement." In their teaser video below, you can see the board steaming with what is apparently liquid nitrogen. 

"There is no such thing as impossible," Lexus chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi said. "It's just a matter of figuring out how."

Could this be real? Is this what we've all been waiting for? So far, all indications are yes. Of course, we have no idea if or when this item will be available to the public, let alone the price tag a company like Lexus will stamp on it. 

Regardless, we do think it may be time to really, truly let yourself get excited about hoverboards arriving in the present. 


Check out the video below:


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