Best Friends, Size 12 and 24, Wear the Same Dress To Prove You Can Look Fabulous At Any Size

"Often we are told that people of different body types can’t rock the same styles."

You'd think by now, the world would do away with arbitrary "fashion rules," but alas here we are in 2017 still dealing with charts that dictate what we should wear based on our fruit-shaped bodies. When blogger Lexie Manion, who's a size 24, and her best friend Colleen, who's a size 12, were invited to the New York City premiere of Fattitudea documentary about fat-shaming, the gals decided to conduct a social experiment wearing the same dress. The result: You can look fabulous at any size. 


"Often we are told that people of different body types can't rock the same styles,  that certain styles are only flattering on certain bodies,"  Manion wrote in her Instagram post. "We wanted to challenge that idea. We wanted to show that while Colleen's size 12 and my size 24 are different in number, they shouldn't have to be different in what styles are worn! We both can (and will!) rock what we want and we won't be ashamed or embarrassed."

The Instagram post received loads of praise from women of all sizes.

In her NEDA  blog post detailing the aftermath of the fashion experiment, Manion says the experience reminded her of a childhood experience when she once wore the same top as her slimmer, more popular classmate, and was bullied for it. Over the years, she has learned to reject outside opinions and embrace her own sense of beauty. "I have learned to love and accept my body regardless of my size," Manion wrote in her blog post. "I also have learned self-love is attainable and that I do have worth."

@lexiemanion / Instagram

The limiting standards of beauty can be damaging, even fooling one to believe they aren't worthy of love or joy just because of the way they look. Like Manion, there are other people who champion self-love and self-acceptance. Influencers and icons like Gabi Fresh,  Tess Holiday, and Callie Thorpe are just a few of the many folks who prove beauty comes in all sizes.


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