After Undergoing Brain Surgery, This Dad Moved From The ICU To Meet His Newborn Son In The Same Hospital

A video the family will have forever.

"Pregnancy and childbirth are filled with lots of surprises and unknowns," begins "Levon's Birth Story," a video capturing the birth of Jessica Li and Cagney Wenk's son Levon.

For Cagney, a scarier surprise came just a few weeks prior to Jessica's due date, when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. 

Later, when Jessica went into active labor, Cagney was in the same hospital, recovering from brain surgery in the ICU. The Huffington Post reports that nurses at the Boulder Community Hospital "decided they wanted to do something special for the expecting family," so they got in touch with a volunteer photographer, Sarah Boccolucci, to document the precious experience. 

Sarah's resulting video shows Cagney arriving into the delivery room, witnessing the birth, and meeting his newborn son. 


"There is a point during the birth where Cagney tells Jessica that they are surrounded by all the love in the world right now," Sarah tells The Huffington Post. "It is my hope that people will see the video, feel the love this family shares, and help lift them up and make a donation if they are able."

"Levon's Birth Story" is not only a testament to the love and care of all those involved, but we're sure it is one video that this family will hold onto for a lifetime. 

You can watch it in full below:


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