11 Letters To Santa That Might Get Some Of These Kids Coal

Not sure what #6 got for Christmas.

So, it's that time of year again. 

All over the world, kids are firing off letters to Santa to tell the North Pole's most legendary resident what they want for Christmas or whatever-winter-holiday-they're-celebrating.

We combed through Imgur's and Reddit's repository of nostalgia, cat memes, and discarded Santa letters to bring you these.


1. This is so kind.

2. Civic-minded.

Posted by Redditor FrostOfSparta:

Dear Santa,

I'm Jordan and I live on _______ rd. I was born in 2003. I am 8 years old. I have been good this year. I've got my parents keychains. I've kept a puppy that didn't have a home. I've mowed the grass. For christmas I want a Ipad 2, and I want to get on the internet. I wish for a better economy. So that gas will be cheaper, and our country won't have to stay at war.

Your friend, Jordan

3. This man found a letter to Santa written by his father over a hundred years ago.

4. You don't have to celebrate Christmas to believe in Santa.

From a Muslim 4th-grader.

5. 21st Century note to Santa.

6. Santa's down with that too.

7. Strategy: play disinterested. Good job.

8. Santa just got TOLD.

9. 'Titanic' had just come out.

10. Don't test Santa, kid.

11. It's called outsourcing, okay?

What are you asking from Santa this year?

Please let us know. If you want to stay on the 'nice' list, you'll share this with your friends.


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