Dad Is Brought To Tears After Finding Heart-Wrenching Letter In His Daughter's Used Car

"I won't lie, I shed a few tears."

Kevin Duke decided to buy his daughter a used car as a gift for her 16th birthday. As any good dad would do, Duke decided to drive it around himself a bit to make sure it was safe and learn about any kinks the used vehicle may have before giving it to his daughter.

He happened to find a letter hidden in one of the car's storage compartments. "I won't lie, I shed a few tears," Duke told Love What Matters

The letter was written by the car's previous owner. "I just wanted to let you know what a special vehicle you've bought. The car belonged to my mum. She passed away Feb. 25, 2015 in a house fire along with my 6-year-old daughter and my aunt," it began. "This car holds a lot of special memories for me. My home and everything in it is gone. This car is all that I had left to touch."


The author of the letter went on to explain that an insurance mix up had forced them to give up the car, the last material link they had to their mother and child. 

"I'm not mad at you. I hope this car is the best car you've ever owned. I hope it runs for 100 more years. I hope the back seat is filled with kids and toys and random things. My family filled this car with lots of love and other sticky things," the writer continued. "This car, with all its quirks, is the last piece of my family. Be nice to it. Play it a country song, 'Big Green Tractor' was my daughter's favorite sound ever or some Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Freebird.' That song meant so much that I played it at their funerals. You're riding with angels. My angels. Talk to them if you like, I'm sure they'd like to see and hear about any new adventure you take in this car."

The writer went on to ask that the new owners try to contact them if they ever want to sell the car. While the writer coudln't afford it at the time, they hoped they'd be able to buy it back in the future. 

"Be blessed, be happy, live and love like we did," the letter ended.  

The author later came forward as Sabrina Archey. "I am beyond touched at how responsive everyone has been to our story,"she wrote in a comment on the Love What Matters post about her letter. "Your support here is so encouraging. I keep using the word overwhelmed and I can't think of a better word to say what I'm feeling. I'm emotional, can't quit crying and I feel so much love I could just burst." 

She also asked people to not be upset with Duke for having the car. "I know in my bones that if he was able to give me the car that he would in an instant. It's not easy to buy a car. He just got lucky and got this one," she wrote. 

Many commenters shared their own experiences with losing loved ones and experiencing heartache in the comments of the post. Someone even started a crowdfunding campaign in order to get Archey the car back and buy Duke's daughter a different one

The letter and the response people are having to it show how important it is to share our personal experiences with one another. In return, we might just receive kindness, compassion, and support.

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