11 Lessons You Should Definitely Learn In Your 20s

"Your parents won't always be around."

Hindsight is 20/20. How many times have you looked back at different periods of your life and wished you knew then what you know now? Of course, maturing and learning from our mistakes are all part of the process of growing up — but it never hurts to learn a lesson sooner rather than later. 

One user on Quora — a social networking site where people answer questions posed by the community — decided to find out what some of these lessons are. 

"What are some of the lessons one should definitely learn at their 20s?" the Quora user asked


The question received more than 100 answers and people had a lot to say. So, we pulled some of our favorite life lessons fellow users wrote to share with you. 

You can check them out below.

1. "There is no point trying to predict the future."

"Have your future goals and aspirations in mind, but be aware that you will change," Eunice Lim wrote. "And making a huge decision now based on some prediction of the future is NOT wise. Don't pick a lucrative major, for e.g., believing that in the future you will need the money to get a house on a cliff. You might end up hating cliffs sometime down the road. Don't quit your passion just because you think you'll end up a hobo on the street either. People might just fall madly in love with your work and boom, you'll earn enough to buy a house on a cliff!" 

2. "Have a short memory."

"It's so easy to get angry and criticize ourselves when we make a mistake, but all that usually does is turn one bad play into another," Mike Schoultz wrote. "If the previous point or play didn't go your way, you need to forget it immediately and concentrate on the next one. Don't let one bad play ruin the next one. Just make a note and move on." 

3. "Ditch toxic friendships."

"You know those people who hang around you. They sometimes take advantage or are not reliable or are simply whiners. Get rid of them or avoid them whenever or wherever possible," Robert Locke wrote. "Go for high-quality friends. Real friendships are like gold. They have to stand the test of time." 

4. "There is always someone smarter, more motivated, harder-working, prettier, richer, more precocious than you."

"The worst thing you can do is to compare yourself to other people. Compare yourself instead to your own potential and you'll be on the right road," Yuri Kruman wrote

5. "Moving to a new place will change you forever."

"If you want to grow fast, change your surroundings," Paul Carleton wrote. "Move out of your parents and care for yourself. Go to a city where you don't know anyone. Set yourself up to live. You'll learn the things you need and don't need. You'll learn the types of people you like spending your time with and those who suck your energy. You'll learn to fend for yourself. It's hard. But try it."

6. "Nothing happens unless you make it happen."

"There is no, 'Hey, one day, I'm going to catch my break. Something is just going to happen.' Nah. Doesn't work that way," Nicolas Cole wrote. "You either wake up every day banging down that door until it opens, or it stays shut forever. Up to you." 

7. "Make your health a priority."

"Take care of yourself, body and soul. Eat well (food is fuel, seriously), laugh often, sweat every day, get enough sleep, limit harmful habits, give yourself a day off when you need it and treat your body as the critical vessel that it is," Lauren Ramesbottom wrote

8. "Do not be a doormat."

"Doormats are those people who always say yes. If do not want to do something, simply say no. When you become a doormat, the people around you will use you and take advantage of your ability and talent. Do not bow to people who waste your time. In addition to that, do not get convinced to do things that you have no interest in. Just say no. Trust your gut with these things and you will be okay," the team at Great Performers Academy wrote

9. "Sleep."

"You've gotta get enough of it or you're going to damage your health," Glenn Herriott wrote. "Everyones different for how much they need, but to prevent premature aging and illness and unhappiness it's important you get that amount you personally know is enough for you. Sleep is so important for your health as this is when your brain clears out and refreshes itself. Memories are cemented in your sleep and your concentration is also enhanced through sleep." 

10. "Learn to ask for help."

"Learn to ask for help from anyone. Because you will never know where you will become helpless in harsh situations," Bhavin Shah wrote

11. "Realize that your parents won't always be around."

"I had a family emergency that made the loss of my father flash before my eyes," James Liu wrote. "I'm thankful and lucky that my father is still with me. However, that moment gave me a glimpse of what my life would be like without him. That there may have been a chance he would leave me without having told him everything I want to say. As of today, I see my parents once a week and I hug them when I enter and hug them when I leave."  

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