4 Major Life Lessons I've Learned As A Personal Stylist To Successful Women

"The life lessons I’ve learned so far through my work has been some of my most rewarding."

As the founder of Immaculate Wardrobe, I've been styling women for over 13 years — from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to publishing industry powerhouses in the Upper West Side. I've had the privilege of working with girl bosses all over New York City.

Through my experiences, I've learned a lot about style and fashion, working with big designers and retailers and harnessing my skills in styling. But styling for me has always been more than just clothing. It's been a huge teacher in my life, and the life lessons I've learned so far through my work has been some of my most rewarding.

Here are four life lessons I've learned as a stylist.


1. Let go of what no longer serves you.

If a piece of clothing no longer speaks to you, get rid of it. Donate it, take it to a consignment store or give it to a friend. Often times, I enter my clients' lives at a transitional moment — perhaps a new career change or the end of a long-term relationship. A great part in starting over and letting go of the past is to let go of things in your life you don't need. It can start with clothes, books, décor, or any objects that no longer make you happy. As you let those things go, you're able to free up space for new things, friends, or relationships. Each piece of clothing holds memories and a spirit of its own. If it's no longer part of who you are, let go.

2. Your presence is your power.

I discovered I can have no formula for working with my clients. I can't show up with an idea of who they are, I can't think ahead and imagine. I must be in the present moment with each client in order to know them, to truly hear them, and to let that guide me in how I style them. This is so true in life in any aspect. If you're always thinking with a set agenda and not sinking in and listening to what's happening now, you miss opportunities to connect with people. You miss chances for growth and learning new things. Being present in my work has helped me to be present in life.

3. Anyone can have self-esteem moments.

I work with all types of powerful, talented, skilled, intelligent, and funny women, and yet some feel like they're not any of those things. As I started in styling as a young woman, I was surprised to find that many women, even at the height of their careers, had low moments. "I'm too fat." "I'm too old." "I'm not pretty enough to wear that dress." Whatever it may be, it reminded me that the journey to self-acceptance isn't over when you find financial success or a loving marriage. It has to come from within. 

4. Style is about way more than just clothes.

I've styled clients on the way to the boardroom, going through chemotherapy, or that have a Tinder date they're been excited to go on. No matter how big or small a moment, style has a ripple effect through every experience in how they feel, and how it makes others feel. It raises their vibrations. I want women to feel empowered wherever they go, it empowers other women around them to not want to be them, but to be more of themselves.

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