Leslie Jones Is Essentially The Embodiment Of Our Inner Monologue While Watching Game Of Thrones

So, you comin' to our place to watch the finale?

Watching "Game of Thrones" will make you go through all types of emotions.


You will be happy a new episode is on, then immediately anxious your favorite character will die right after the opening credits, and then overcome with anticipation waiting for Jon Snow to kill a bad guy.

Also, you will most likely be wondering, "Bran, where have you been the last few episodes? WTF is going on in the both the past and future? Who is Jon Snow's actual father?!?!"

While he is still MIA with zombie Benjen somewhere in the world of Game of Thrones, Leslie Jones is here to become the living embodiment of all of our inner emotions while watching the latest episode, "Battle of the Bastards."

It's really all about the overall enthusiasm and quick takes, especially on Rickon's strategy to run straight, instead of zig-zagging. Damn it, Rickon! Also, her insight on how she would invite Jon Snow into her house is also invaluable and crucial to the enjoyment of this how. 

After watching this video, we really don't want to watch the season finale without her. Seth Meyers can come, too, we guess. Just bring some guac ... and chips ... and some beer.

Watch below:


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