Leslie Jones Is Just Like Us When Meeting Her Celebrity Idols At The Time 100 Gala

Celebrities ... they really are just like us.

Famous faces — and even some non-famous faces — from all walks of life came together for the Time 100 Gala. While most were probably on their best behavior, Leslie Jones was living her best life and adorably taking selfies with all the inspiring people she met.

Jones made the annual list of the most influential figures under the "Artists" category, obviously for her amazing work on Saturday Night Live and the all-female version of Ghostbusters. For her Time profile, Jones was lucky enough to have Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe pen some extremely kind words about her.

"She's a tiger. She's a lioness. She's a pussycat," Crowe wrote about the 49-year-old funny gal.

So, come last night's big party, Jones was schmoozing with other honorees and making the most out of an amazing opportunity. And, thanks to her Twitter skills, we were able to witness it all go down. 

Let's take a look at some of biggest faces Jones ran into, shall we?


First up was Ryan Reynolds, one of her celebrity "crushes."

Just look at those smiles!

Blake Lively joined the twosome and Jones called her "the homie and soooooo normal."

Pure joy.

Then Jones played third wheel to the oh-so-cute Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor.

We don't know which woman made Jones "laugh so hard," so we'll just assume both of them did.

Who seriously wouldn't take a quick selfie with Katie Couric?

These two are clearly on a first-name basis.

Jones then had a two-for-one photo op with Trevor Noah and Ava DuVernay.

What we wouldn't give to have been there ...

Jones now apparently has dinner plans with Padma Lakshmi, NBD.

Somehow she convinced Lakshmi to cook for her.

There was some fangirling over John Legend, obviously.

Keep this 10-second clip on repeat, you guys.

And finally, Jones capped off the night with one of her idols: Viola Davis.

It's definitely good to know Davis is "normal as hell."


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