A 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Member Crashed Leslie Jones And Seth Meyers' Viewing Party

Her reaction is priceless.

We'll never get tired of watching Leslie Jones watch Game of Thrones. If you follow the SNL star on Twitter, you'll know how much she loves the show. She loves it so much, in fact, that Seth Meyers invited her on Late Night last year to watch an episode with him.

This week, they did it again, and it was just as entertaining as the first time. Jones shared her opinions about everyone from Jaime Lannister (the "one-armed bandit") to Bran Stark (who is most definitely high). She also thinks the Stark siblings should have made some macaroni and cheese for their reunion.


But perhaps the highlight of the segment is when an actual cast member from the show crashes the party just as Jones is talking about him. Conleth Hill, the actor who plays Varys, strolls in wearing his costume, and Jones can't contain her excitement.

As it turns out, Hill didn't see this week's episode, which Jones can't believe, considering he was there for it. "Yeah, but I can't remember," he says. "That's years ago, and I'm on the same stuff as Bran."

And if you thought you lost your chill when you saw (spoiler alert) the dragon attack, it was nothing compared to Jones' excitement. She does, however, wonder when Bronn had a chance to take the class required to operate the dragon-slaying crossbow.

We'll echo what several YouTube commenters have already said and admit that we'd watch one of these every week.

Have your own viewing party watching Jones react in the video below:


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