Leslie Jones Has Been So Excited About The Olympics That NBC Invited Her To Rio

Her live tweets have been a highlight of the event.

No matter how excited you've been to watch the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it probably can't compare to Leslie Jones' excitement.


The Ghostbusters star spent her weekend live-tweeting various events, uploading videos of herself commenting on the action in real time and reacting to Team USA's victories.

While decked out in her best American flag gear, Leslie praised the Olympic spirit of unity and continuously expressed awe over the athletes' ability.

Twitter has responded positively to Leslie's enthusiastic commentary, which is especially lovely to witness considering the tough time she had on the site last month. 

Leslie was the victim of racist and sexist abuse, and she shared her frustration over the social media platform's initial lack of response. The experience caused her to briefly walk away from the platform, but the support of her fans and fellow celebrities convinced her she couldn't say goodbye for good.

We're so glad Leslie chose to stick around and continue sharing her voice, especially since it may have gotten her a job as an official commentator in Rio.

NBC Olympics producer Jim Bell extended the offer Saturday night, and Leslie seemed intrigued.

Leslie appeared to still be considering the offer Sunday night.

Here's hoping she says yes. It just wouldn't be the same without her.


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