Read The Adorable Letter Of Support Leslie Jones Received From A Young Fan

"Forget what they say on the internet."

Leslie Jones has been tweeting about the Olympics nonstop the past few days. (So much, in fact, that NBC invited her to Rio de Janeiro — an offer she eventually accepted.) But she took the time Monday afternoon to share something a little different with her followers.

The Ghostbusters actress tweeted photos of a letter she received from a young fan named Julian, "8-9 years old," who tells Leslie to "forget what they say on the internet," referring to the racist abuse she received on Twitter a few weeks ago.

Julian adds that the trolls are obviously jealous because she's "a Ghostbuster and they're not."


Julian goes on to tell Leslie that she is "a wonderful person and a great actor." In the postscript, the young fan compliments her smile and asks her favorite superhero. If we had to take a wild guess, we'd say the answer is Julian for taking the time to share such sweet words.

Leslie wrote in her tweet, "Ok Julian you are so precious I will put this on my board at work!!"

The actress has received an outpouring of love from celebrities and fans alike since the Twitter drama last month. During her recent appearance on Late Night, host Seth Meyers played a collection of supportive fan videos, including one that featured a little girl in a Ghostbuster uniform.

Leslie said the support encouraged her to keep tweeting through the hate, telling Seth, "It makes you go, 'Aww, man, you know, I'm not going nowhere.'"

All of us, like Julian, are very happy about that.

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