Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod Makes Passionate Plea For Inclusive Sex Ed

“We cannot continue to use religion to divide us.”

Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod made a passionate plea for schools to be more inclusive in the sex education classes.

"As a Black, lesbian Christian, we should be able to go to school and be taught," Herod said. "If we are taught sex ed in a comprehensive way, we cannot ostracize people for their religious beliefs, nor should we for their sexual orientation or gender expression."

Herod made her emotional plea on the floor of the Colorado state legislature. The Colorado House later approved changes to the state's comprehensive sex ed curriculum for public schools by a 39-23 vote. With the bill now law, schools will be prohibited from teaching "abstinence-only" curriculums and classes will include topics like sexual orientation, consent, and birth control, according to the Pikes Peak Courier

"I will tell you and I will remind you that there is only one judge, and he is not in this room and sitting in these chairs," Herod said.


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