Help Leo Win The Oscar By Playing A Video Game

Help Leo Win The Oscar By Playing A Video Game

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for five Academy Awards in the acting categories — and he never won any of them. The talented actor could finally win his first Oscar later this month for his incredible performance in The Revenant, but if he doesn't, that would make him 0 for 5.


A group of animators, designers, and directors in the U.K. called Line Animation is having a bit of fun with Leo's quest to win the Academy Award. They just created an online video game where you get to play Leonardo DiCaprio as he attempts to win the Oscar in an 8-bit, arcade-style adventure.

The game is called Red Carpet Rampage and just like in real life, it's pretty darn hard to win and get Leo his Oscar.

"Hi, I'm Leonardo DiCaprio. And I really need to win an Oscar!" Leo says at the beginning of the game. "Let's do this!"


As Leo chases his Oscar, there are several roadblocks such as paparazzi, an iceberg, and Lady Gaga.

He has to "act harder" to earn bonus points.

He also has to climb into his car while on Quaaludes.

The game is filled with races against actors such as Matt Damon and Bryan Cranston. There are also bonus games such as "write your acceptance speech" and "find the black nominee" (hint: there are none). Overall, it's a fun game to play. And if you don't win the Oscar, then you know how Leo feels.

(H/T: Mashable)


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