Leonardo DiCaprio's Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Is One Of The Most Important He's Ever Made

"It is time that we heard your voice."

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors whose talent is undeniable — a true legend in the making. He frequently stars in movies that are gritty and raw, exploring the depths of human emotion to a degree that very few would be able to achieve.

At the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, DiCaprio was recognized for his work in The Revenant, bringing home Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama. His acceptance speech would highlight just how much of a class act he truly is.

His speech started out fairly standard, by thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the cast and crew of the movie, his agent, family, and friends. Though they had already started playing the music, indicating that he needed to wrap it up, he wasn't ready to sit down until he had paid homage to a very important group: the First Nations people, who are in danger of losing their way of life.

Check out his emotional speech here:


While DiCaprio's performance was worth him getting his moment in the spotlight, it's amazing that he was able to use his platform to give a voice to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. 

There are indigenous people who still live on almost every continent. They are under constant threat of losing their land and getting exploited by corporations who desire the natural resources there. Additionally, contact with outsiders could introduce a number of diseases that they do not have an immunity toward, endangering all of their lives. 

Kudos to DiCaprio for shining a light on this important topic!


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