A Running Joke At The 'Titanic' Reunion Actually Had A Really Important Message

Leonardo DiCaprio and castmates from 'Titanic' met back up 20 years after the movie's release.

It was the joke of the night.

During a gala Leonardo DiCaprio hosted to raise money for his foundation at the end of July, Kate Winslet and Billy Zane showed up right on time for a 20-year Titanic reunion. But that night, one of Zane's Instagram post captions stole the show.

"Gangs back together," he wrote on the social platform. "Now we're saving icebergs. Go figure."


The joke went over quite well online, but it speaks to a serious issue. At the event, there were charity auctions where guests could buy dinners with DiCaprio or Winslet. Proceeds were going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is doing its best to take on environmental issues like climate change and animal extinction. The foundation did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It's not DiCaprio's first foray into environmentalism, either. In November, the Oscar-winning actor starred in and directed Before The Flooda captivating documentary where he travels the world exploring the effects of climate change. Throughout the film DiCaprio speaks to experts in the field — NASA scientists, atmospheric scientists, astronomers, and scientists who live on the polar ice caps. He also exposed how the big corporations in the fossil fuel industry have helped fund disinformation to downplay the cause of climate change globally.

The film, which is available for free online, is believed to be one of the widely-viewed documentaries ever.

DiCaprio was recently named the U.N. Messenger of Peace on climate change and has spoken at the U.N. on several occasions. Now, his fight seems more relevant than ever.

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