UFOs? Nope, Those Are Just The Most Amazing Clouds You'll Ever See

It's hard to tell what is real.

They don't refer to them as "UFO clouds" for nothing.

There is something beautiful and spooky about lenticular (or "lens-shaped") clouds, which have become a subject of interest on the Internet. Described as "lens-shaped clouds," the beautiful collection of photos below might shed some light on why they are so often mistaken for UFO sightings.

Check them out for yourself!


Aquila Game Reserve in South Africa.

Sunrise in Bilbao, Spain.

In West Yorkshire.

Not a bad way to end a skiing trip...

Mount Rainier!

But while you're exploring lenticular clouds online, be wary of photo manipulation, as seen in this "photo" of Mount Fuji.

The original photo.

Mount Rainier with double lenticular clouds.

Lenticular clouds -- Hawaii edition.

On top of Table Mountain.

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