8 Hilarious But Accurate Thoughts Lena Dunham Has About Feminism

"[It's] the sexy thing to do."

If there's anyone qualified to talk about feminism, it's Lena Dunham, especially if you want to laugh while listening. 

She is featured in a new video where the Girls star lays out her eight thoughts on feminism — which is wanting both men and women to be equal. That's it. 

But things can get murky when it comes to what the term means in relation to other women. Lena breaks it down. 

"Part of feminism is the freedom to let other women make choices you don't necessarily understand," she says as one of her thoughts. "So, though you might not want to walk out with tape, exes on your nipples [and] booty shorts, that may be the strong feminist choice for another woman."


"Part of your job as a feminist is just to support her."

She also gave a shout-out to her favorite feminists, including her mother, grandmother and Lily Tomlin. 

Her perspective on the Kardashians, however, is by far our favorite thought on feminism. 

Check out the video below:


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