Student Who Made Half-Court Shot For Free Tuition Gets Another Shot On Ellen


Lem Turner, a freshman at Ball State University, made a half-court shot back in August that would change his life.

At a pep rally, Turner won a free semester's worth of tuition in front of his entire freshman class.

In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Turner told DeGeneres that, understandably, he was hoping he wouldn't be chosen to take the half-court shot in front of thousands of his fellow students.

"My head's kind of down, and I look up and I make eye contact with one of the staffers... and then he's like, YOU!"

Nonetheless, it turned out OK:


But Turner explains that he wasn't just excited to win the money. He was also very relieved.

Turner, who has two deaf parents, told DeGeneres that "I do have three brothers, and we're all very close in age and so sending four boys to college definitely takes its toll on the family. The job market for deaf people isn't that large, and so having that kind of weight on my shoulders is kind of tough." 

Turner explains that when he made the shot, he felt that weight lifted from his family's shoulders.

Then, DeGeneres had something else she wanted to give Turner. But he had to shoot for it...

"I'm going to give you a chance to win something else," DeGeneres says, giving Turner three shots at the hoop. "You're going to want to make the basket."

On his third shot, Turner sinks the ball into the hoop and almost doesn't notice the huge surprise opening up in front of him.

There, behind the wall, was Turner's brand new car. And he can barely believe it.

Lesson learned? When someone gives you a chance... take it.

Be sure to watch the exciting interview below:


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