He Gets Bullied For Carrying A Doll And Tutu, But His Reason Will Touch Your Heart

Remember those who are always there for you.

German biscuit giant Leibniz is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a moving short film that captures some of the spirit it feels after more than a century of serving its customers.

Leibniz's butter cookies — similar to shortbread — have been produced since 1891. Known as Butterkeks (a corruption of "butter cakes"), the confection is so popular that the word "keks" is now used in Germany as a generic term for any biscuit or cookie.

For many Germans, Leibniz Butterkeks aren't just a snack food to be enjoyed with coffee or tea, they're  a source of nostalgia and this commercial speaks to that feeling. Leibniz understands that food isn't just about nutrition — it's about identity, comfort, and memory. It evokes thoughts of home, holidays, and family. It is central to gatherings and life events. Reunions and farewells. When someone is invited into your home, you offer them something to eat and drink. The first thing a couple eats when they are married is cake, shared by everyone who celebrates with them. Dinner is recognized around the world as a ritual where we share food along with time with those closest to us.

Leibniz addresses the role it's played in the country's life in the video's description:

"The butter biscuit has been a part of the little moments and the big days of our lives for 125 years. And we've made a film for you on this special occasion. It talks about the things that are as important today as they were more than a century ago: trust, the feeling of being protected and secure, family and friendship."


The commercial starts with a little boy ...

Watch the rest here:

(H/T: Dowzerw)


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