On This #LeftHandersDay, Twitter Users Share Their Struggles And Strengths That Unite Them

"Today is the day where we celebrate our left-handed heritage while standing up against pens that smudge..."

While an estimated 15 percent of the population is left-handed, this minority group often struggles with acceptance, as the world was clearly designed with right-handed people in mind. For instance, despite the fact that left-handers are often more creative than their right-handed counterparts, art and school supplies rarely accommodate their ability. Thus, it's only fitting that today, August 13, honors lefties' struggles and strengths. To celebrate #LeftHandersDay on Twitter, many lefties took to the social network to commiserate and compliment those who understand the hassle firsthand.


While many left-handers were quick to point out the difficulties they faced during school ...

... others were sure to highlight the level of discrimination many left-handers face in life.

But most left-handers also took the opportunity to celebrate their fellow lefties ...

... because, deep down, every left-hander knows they possess a sort of superpower unlike any other.

Cover image via stockphoto mania / Shutterstock


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