Digital Artist Deforms Human Faces — And It's Awesome


Digital artist Lee Griggs gets paid to distort human faces. 

"I've always drawn weird faces ever since I was a child," Griggs tells A Plus in an email. And recently, he learned how easy it is to deform faces in 3D. 

The results have been compiled together in a photo series call "Deformations."


Using Arnold, a physically accurate, photo-realistic renderer, Griggs creates the distorted images to entertain viewers. 

And it makes sense the images are just for entertainment, as the artist is a fan of body horror films like "The Thing." 

And in regards to other aspiring digital artists, Griggs' advice is simple: "Play."

"Spend time having fun and experimenting with the tools, and just see what results you can get. A lot of the time it will fail, but sometimes it works."

Check out more of Griggs' work below:

For more, check out Griggs' website.

(H/T: Neatorama)


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