This Is The Coolest Video You'll See Today

Absolutely brilliant.

You have never seen skiing like this. 

As part of a short film called 'Afterglow,' Sweetgrass Productions recently released an incredible video showcasing two professional skiiers, Pep Fujas and Eric Hjorleifson, flying down the mountains at night. But that isn't the only catch: they were covered in 7,000 LEDs that had been sewn into their suits.

The result is the biggest piece of eye candy skiing has ever had, and one of the most unique videos we've ever come across. The group will be releasing the full 12-minute version of their video on the night of October 19th, but above is a three-minute teaser that you won't be able to look away from.

To see the full details about how this group tackled such an incredible undertaking (after watching, you're going to want to know), check out this awesome behind the scenes piece from Wired. 


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