Thanks To Hip-Hop Head LeBron James, Kendrick Lamar Decided To Drop That New Album ASAP

From King James to King Kunta.

If you're enjoying Kendrick Lamar's surprise album "Untitled Unmastered," you have to thank the one and only LeBron James.


While Lamar's label, TDE, was planning to put out the unreleased tracks, King LeBron helped expedite that process.

TDE's co-president, Terrence "Punch" Anderson, told MTV, "The idea was already there ... He (LeBron) put the extra fire on it, though. He put the extra push. He wanted it bad! You gotta pay attention when LeBron speaks."

LeBron first got the attention of Lamar's label after the Grammys, when he tweeted CEO Dangeroo Kipawaa. 

Kipawaa saw the tweet and naturally responded back to the King's request.

Soon enough, TDE had fulfilled Bron's wish and dropped the compilation album "Untitled Unmastered" on every streaming music platform.

Punch further explained that songs originated while Lamar was creating his Grammy-winning To Pimp a Butterfly, but they just couldn't find a place for the tracks on the finished product.

He told MTV, "We spent hours and hours sitting and debating which song was going to go where [on To Pimp a Butterfly]. Those weren't easy decisions at all. We went back and forth, switched the sequencing up, and traded songs out."

In fact, a few of those songs had already been previously performed, which Lamar recently reposted on Twitter.

There is also a good reason for the album name.

As Punch further explained to MTV, "We didn't want to make it all shiny and package it up nice. Those imperfections make the moment."

However, Lamar was a bit nervous about putting out a somewhat unfinished project.

Punch went on, "He [usually] sits there for all his mastering sessions; he's constantly changing and editing and adding things. So to put this out raw was a little nerve-wracking for him."

Not to worry, Kendrick! The album sounds beyond phenomenal. Also, tip of the hat to LeBron for helping to make it happen for all the fans! Keep bein' you. Gorgeous 'stache, btw.

Cover image: Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment / Instagram


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