LeBron James Jr. Might Be Basketball's Heir Apparent

He got game.

This kid has it all when it comes to playing basketball, and, well, and that makes sense, considering the fact that he's LeBron James' son. 

His dad is probably going to hold most, if not all of the NBA records by the time he is done with the NBA. He recently passed Allen Iverson on the NBA's all-time scoring list, with 24,383 total points, according to ESPN

And it looks like LeBron James Jr. is a chip off the old block.


If little LeBron ends up playing in the big leagues, will he take his old man's nickname and be known as King James Jr.? Or should he be Prince James?

Luckily, he has a lot of time to decide. For now just check out his performance in this kids' game, filmed during the 2015 John Lucas All-Star Weekend. 

James played for the Gulf Coast Blue Chips. The team came in first place.

Check out his ball-handling skills during the game.

James Jr. put a crossover on a defender at about the :35 second mark.

#2 picks him up at half court and James already knows what he is going to do.

He takes one little hop step, jukes slightly to the left (head fake and all) and goodbye.

Within a half a second, he distances himself a solid two feet away from the defender...

...takes the ball up court, jumps over three defenders and finds an open man under the net.

Not sold? This defender almost lost his shoes while playing LeBron.

He also hits pull up shots with seemingly no effort.

Here he gets the ball just below half-court. The defender has him covered right?

Not when the person you're guarding is blessed with more explosiveness than a Dr. Dre beat.

Within one step, James Jr. is GONE.

He dribbles around the defender and pulls up just under the 3-point arc for a solid basket.

The form is already impeccable. 

He also has fantastic court vision.

Finding open teammates and getting them the ball across the court, vertically and horizontally, dishing the ball on the run and managing to exploit the tiniest nooks and crannies in the defense.

If all of that wasn't enough, allow this to be the closing case.

Around the :28 second mark, little LeBron is taking the ball up court.

Then he decides to do a fake, reverse crossover.

The defender is completely crossed up.

It doesn't end there though. James Jr. crosses him over...AGAIN!

Within two seconds, James Jr. lost his defender two times. How?

All this might be why the 10-year-old is already receiving letters of recruitment from colleges across the country. And no, his father is not too happy about it.

Watch the full video below. You will be amazed.


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