LeBron James Spent Millions To Send Kids To College. Now He's Helping Adults.

The man loves his community.

LeBron James doesn't have much left to prove on the court. The guy's already one of the best basketball players of all time, having won multiple championships, MVP honors and Olympic medals, as well as providing essentially a 12-year-long highlight reel with his overall play.

Throughout his career, he's been just as much of a superstar off the court, engaging with and helping his community arguably more than any sports personality of his status ever has. Just last month, his LeBron James Family Foundation committed to sending as many as 2,300 Akron, Ohio, kids to college from 2021 through 2029. In total, the scholarships could reach roughly $42 million.


For his latest good deed, he's helping out a slightly older crowd.

In relatively quiet fashion, James' foundation has announced that his education program will expand to provide support for the parents of currently mentored children who want to get their GEDs. Called I PROMISE, Too, the program covers class and test fees, and also provides free bus passes. His foundation is partnering with Project Learn of Summit County, an organization committed to helping adults receive education, to give the parents the same opportunities as their kids.

"We are so excited about the I PROMISE, Too program because a huge part of our foundation's work centers around parent involvement," said Michele Campbell, the executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation. "This is an opportunity to help our parents make strides in their own academic careers so they are better equipped to help our students keep their educational promises."

Thanks are due yet again to Professor James.


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